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Plastic Surgery Thai

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Hello And Welcome to Plastic Surgery Thailand

We are thrilled you decided to visit us and find out about Plastic Surgery and Dental Surgery in Thailand - Phuket and Bangkok. If you are looking for a company you can rely upon, a company that really understands that surgery is a huge step, let alone surgery overseas, then you have found the right company - Plastic Surgery Thai


Are you looking for guidance from a RELIABLE  AUSTRALIAN company, located in Thailand,
                 that has assisted hundreds of patients that were thrilled with their outcomes?

Over the last  15 years we have  gained local knowledge about  Thailand hospitals and surgeons.
           Our unique knowledge will produce a better Medical Tour experience for you

Very Satisfied Patients

  • “My wife and I both had surgery in a Thai hospital and I would place it above any Hospital I have used in the USA and my wife has used in Australia. We found all doctors spoke English, we were given a complete medical report in English and our surgery went perfectly”
    Paul & Madge
  • “I was made to feel comfortable – I felt like I was the only patient - the personal service was outstanding. Professionalism of doctors and nurses was 1st class”
    Mary, NSW 2002
  • “I was able to obtain eye surgery for a fraction of what it would have cost me here in Australia. I should have obtained eye surgery years ago.
    Goodbye glasses!! and thanks”
  • “We (Melanie and Lauren) really can't thank you enough for what you have done for us. Your service has been above and beyond what was expected and more! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! I feel we owe you a lot John, without you and your constant support this never would have been possible for us”
    Melanie and Lauren
  • “Surgery in Thailand  has truly changed my life. After  three pregnancies and  breastfeeding every kid  I lost my figure.  Now  I feel good  in myself,  sexy, young and like the women that  I am on the inside. My Mummy Makeover has been the best thing for me,  my marriage and my family. Thank you for all your great help”
    Rachael - Perth,2012

A Medical trip is one of the most important overseas trips you will undrtake hence it is necessary to use the  MOST TRUSTED Medical Tour company in Thailand
Our company is very proudof the fact that we have been arranging dental and medical tours to Thailand since the year 2000 - in fact we were the first hence we really do know a lot about overseas medical trips.
As well as arranging trips for many years your trip will be arranged by Australian staff that live and work in Thailand  and it is only local saff that really have the best understanding of Thailand's offerings.
No matter what surgery you are seeking -  Face Lifts, Tummy tuck , Breast surgery, Hair surgery or even Dental surgery we will be able to arrange your needs and with a hosptial that can provide exactly the same quality outcome as you can obtain at home.