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Sclerotherapy in Thailand: Vein Treatment in Thailand

before and after vein surgery

Pre Treatment                                 3 months Post Treatment



So many people are affected by Spider Veins. Swollen blood vessels on the hands or legs.
The cause of the problem is that the bloof in your Veins is not able to satisfactorily flow through . Varicose veins &  spider veins are both caused because of this issue.

As you may be aware there can be quite some discomfort with this condition and  if you have such a problem treatment is recommend to correct the problem.


Typical Vein Treatment in Thailand

Sclerotherap is most common procedure for both spider veins (superficial telangiectasias) & varicose veins and the good news is that it is a procedure that can usually be completed in under one hour.

As a result of treatment spider & varicose veins obtain improved circulation and begin to fade.

On some occassions sclerotherapy may also be conducted with  laser vein removal.

Qswitched ND Yag Laser

For  veins not protruding or smaller veins  your doctor may used a Qswitched ND Yag Laser as well as the aformentioned  Sclerotherapy procedure.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

This is hard to answer.
Definitely veins reduce in appearance after each treatment.
Really the answer is that the number of treatments depends of the condition of the blood in your veins.
Frequently veins are improved with one treatment, but in some case more than one treatment is required in order to achieve the best outcome.

Will my Sclerotherapy in Thailand be successful?

This particular treatment has been used for many, many years and continues to be THE treatment for spider veins despite the many laser options now avaiable.

After a few treatments, most patients should obtain a 50-90% improvement in their veins.

Recovery time

Gernally the treatment does not stop you a lot however you will not want to display your legs for a couple of weeks.
If you require a second treatment you should wait one month .

As a result of the treatment you are likely to obtain some bruising  - this tends to fade reasonably quickly.
The treated veins will begin to fade in a few weeks

It is very  important to wear compression garmet as recommended by your doctor. We recommend that you wear compression hose indefinitely on long plane or vehicle journeys.



before and after vein surgery

VERY Large veins

Large varicose veins may require vein removal surgery (surgery under anaesthesia with hospitalization).

Such surgery will vary in cost dependent of the amount of surgery time required . It can be as much as $A5,000+ -   please do not take this as a definitive price.

Please speak to us today about your requirments.




Ear Pinning Surgery involves the correction of protruding ears  - in fact on odd occassins the correction of one ear only.
Usually protruding ear patients have a lack of a proper bend in the ear cartilage and as a consequence ear protrude


Ear pinning surgery,Otoplasty or Pinnaplasty (pinning back the ears),

is surgery to change or remodel the cartilage in order to create the missing folds and in turn move your ears closer to your head.

Otoplasty helps reduce the the look or size of large ears by pinning them  them back closer to the head.


Ear splinting

is a procedure  for babies and the procedure involves resetting the soft cartilage of the baby and in turn splinting the ear into a new position.

Otoplasty Surgery in Thailand

Your surgeon will makean incision in the least conspicuous area and on the back of the ear. This will enable the surgeon to precisely sculpt your ear cartilage or fold the cartilage back on itself  and in turn  bend the ear back towards your head. Your Thai Ear Surgeon will then closed the incision which in turn has created a new ear loction. Stiches can be dissolving type but in some case the surgeon may need to use non-removable stitches as these may better hold 'everything' in place. The non dissolvable stiches are qickly removed by the surgeon a number of days after your operation.



Whilst we mentioned we have had cases of patients only needing correction to one ear it is usally the case that the surgeon will operate on two ears so as he can ensure a good match.


Taking the Next Step

To find out more about having ear surgery please contact us today.

before ear surgery







Unfortunately we start to age once we hit 30 ! Yes that young.
As you age your face will show more creases, begin to sag and generally start to 'hang' however surgery can dramaticaly assist you and take make, many years off how old you currently look.


Face Lift Thailand (Thailand Rhytidectomy)
& Neck lift Surgery in Thailand

A facelift is typically surgery for men and women over the age of 40 and well into their late 40's, 50's and 60's (we even had one lady that was nearly  80 having face surgery)

Typically women require face lift and necklift surgery and men usually require facelift surgery only.

Why You Need Surgery?

As we age we start to loose fat and muscles which causes your cheeks to start to fold inwards and your eyelid skin starts to become loose and hang and for some their forehead starts to hang and result in creases. For some ther upper lips becomes longer too.



How Facelifts Work: Basic Procedure

face lift surgery face lift surgery face lift surgery






Obvioulsy surgery needs will vary for each patients with some patients requiring
(i)  treatment for upper facial area = forehead lift -  sometimes referred to as  upper facelift surgery
(ii)  others may require lower face or mid facelift surgery
(iii)  and some will require full face lifts  middle and lower face surgery                  

Care After Surgery:

Facial surgery is quite major surgery hence you require as much help as possible for the first week following surgery.
Your face will be puffy, swollen and bruised but this usually disippate in about  2 weeks.


Operations Frequently Combined with Face and Neck Lift:

A facelift does not correct eyelids and if eyelid/s require treatment then this is an additional produre called blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)
For eyelid surgery - Typically men will benefit from upper and lower eyelid surgery and women from upper eyelid surgery however this is not a fixed rule and will be dependnet on patient's needs.

A forehead lift is also often combined with a face lift

Please contact us today to arrange a consultation and price estimate and also so as we can explain many things that you will not find on the internet.


Eyelid Surgery in Thailand


Unfortunately as we age your eyelid skin starts to drape and as a result you can look signficantly aged and even give the impression that you are angry and also tired.

Eyelid surgery can provide dramtic improvement in your looks and really is not considered major surgery - After surgery you may find that you are looking brighter and that your eyes look more alert and overall you look more 'energised'

Eyelid Surgery in Thailand

Eyelid surgery is also correctly known as blepharoplasty and involves removing excess skin, muscle and fat. Blepharoplasty may be conducted on either or both lower eyelids and upper eyelids depending on your needs.
Typically males requires upper and lower eyelid surgery and females upper eelid surgery however this is not a fixed rule and will depned on patient's needs.

Blepharoplasty can be completed as a surgery in itself however it is vry frequently considered as part of face lift surgery.



Eyelid surgery can correct drooping upper lids and puffy bags below your eyes. It cannot remove crow's feet or other wrinkles, eliminate dark circles under your eyes, or lift sagging eyebrows.

Upper Blepharoplasty in Thailand

Sagging upper eyelids with a more or less marked skin-fold? An upper blepharoplasty is the procedure performed to correct drooping heavy upper eyelids on the upper eyelids. The result is natural looking and closer to the modern ideals of beautiful upper eyelids.

Lower Blepharoplasty in Thailand

Eyelids which have drooped and shrunk. Bulging fat, responsible for 'bags under the eyes' at the lower eyelid ? Lower blepharoplasty is the procedure performed to correct the bulging of the fat of the lower eyelids.

Revision Blepharoplasty in Thailand

Sometimes, eyelid surgery does not have the desired outcome. Poor eyelid surgery can be noted by the rounded shape of the eye corners as distinct from the natural shape. In other cases, the shape of the eyes may not be symmetrical which unfortunately often causes irritation when blinking – as a result of this you may end up with regularly having dry eyes.

We have had a number of patients who have been unhappy with the results of their initial eye surgery (surgery obtained elsewhere) Luckily the plastic surgeons we use have had extensive experience with revision blepharoplasty. Let us review your case and obtain a surgeon’s opinion about corrective surgery.

Male Blepharoplasty in Thailand

Can do wonders for a man who feels energetic and fit on the inside, but who looks tired or angry on the outside. Typically we see a male brow that is usually full, low, and thick. The eye crease is different for males as it is much lower than females which means it is easier to create natural looking results for men.

In the lower eyelid, many men require reduction of the bags and smoothing of the line between the eyelid and the cheek. These concerns are particularly common among active and working men who are often interacting with men and women years their junior.

Where are the Incisions Made?

For surgery on the upper eyelids, cuts are made:

  • into the natural lines and creases in your eyelid
  • into the laughter lines at the corner of your eye

For surgery on the lower eyelids, cuts are made:

  • just below your eyelashes, which means the scars will run along your eye's natural folds.
before and after chin surgery

A weak chin can make a normal nose appear large and an already prominent nose seems even larger. It may also give the appearance of a 'fleshy' neck. It can result in throwing the face off balance however after surgery there should be a balanced relationship within the structure of the face.

After having this procedure you can notice a very signifcant difference however the implants look very natural. Often after surgery other people canot work out why you look so much better but they know you do (this can be your little secret).

This procedure is quiet popular because it’s a relatively easy operation for the patient whilst producing noticeable changes in the silhouette of the face.

What is Chin Augmentation?

A chin augmentation is a surgical procedure to enhance or reshape the size of the chin by reshaping existing bone or inserting a prosthetic chin implant.

How is Thailand Chin Augmentation done?

Thailand Chin augmentation surgery may take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. It is performed either under general anesthetic or under a local anesthetic with sedation. Most chin augmentation procedures involve an incision inside the mouth inside the lower lip, or in the skin just under the chin.

The surgeon inserts the chin implant via the incision and maneuvers it into place and the incision is closed with sutures. The skin may be taped with a pressure dressing for about one week after surgery.

Chin implants come in many and various sizes and also shapes. Implants are made from both semi-solid and also solid materials that have been used with great success for many years.

Why is Thailand Chin Surgery done?

Chin augmentation seeks to increase or reduce the size of the chin by altering the underlying structure of the face providing better balance to the facial features. It may also seek to correct a birth defect or injury.

Your surgeon may discuss alternative approaches to the chin augmentation procedure. Liposuction of the neck and chin may remove enough excess fat to redefine the chin or neckline.

Candidate eligibility

The best candidates for chin augmentation surgery are patients with weak chins, but with a normal dental bite. Most people have a good idea of what  procedure or outcome they want (eg: I want smaller breasts) and the physician’s responsibility is to listen and then explain what can be done, the procedures or techniques to achieve your objectives, and the risks and costs involved.

before and after Chin Surgery

We would like to discuss your aims and details of any other surgery you may be considering and after talking we can in turn put together a considered plan inclusive of costs. Please contact us today to arrange your consultation