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A topic that was once was avoided due to embarrassment has finally lost its stigma. The procedure has become more popular in women of all ages.
We have definitely seen a dramatic increase in requests for this type of surgery over the last five years.

Typically we are seeing women traveling for Mummy Make Overs and other surgeries also requesting this procedure. Unlike most other cosmetic procedures, labiaplasty in Thailand is not noticeable to other people, but that doesn’t mean the positive effects for a woman are any less profound. In fact some women find immense physical and psychological benefits from this type of surgery.

The most common request for change is when the inner labia are larger than the outer labia and are hanging down below these. In some cases, this can be a functional problem. eg: intercourse, riding or biking.

Usually the reason to have surgery of the labia is that one is not comfortable with the appearance. Thailand Labiaplasty Surgery involves cosmetic surgical improvements to the labia major and labia minora. It helps women that complain about too large, irregular, or asymmetrical labia minora or labia majora either from their birth or as a result of childbirth or aging. Many women attain increased comfort, enhanced appearance, and improved self-esteem with cosmetic vaginal rejuvenation.

Types of Vaginal Rejuvenation in Thailand


Sometimes referred to as "aesthetic vaginal surgery" or "cosmetic vaginal surgery," vaginal rejuvenation refers to a category of procedures performed to enhance a woman's genitalia. Surgical procedures

Labiaplasty in Thailand - procedures to improve the appearance of the labia majora and minora, and improve some of the discomfort caused by elongated labia.

Labia reduction is normally carried out under general or local anaesthetic and involves about a 45 minutes operation removing the excess labia tissue and refashioning the labia to achieve a natural cosmetic appearance with minimal scarring and restoration of your confidence.

Vaginoplasty in Thailand - procedures to tighten the internal tissues and structures of the vagina

Imagine …….. no more rashes and skin problems !

Imagine ….…. being able to fit into smaller pants !

Imagine …….. showing off you Tight Legs !!

A Thailand thigh lift (Thailand Thigh lift, Thailand Thighplasty, Thailand Thigh Liposuction) is a surgical procedure to remove excess, flabby skin on the thighs. With a thigh or lower body lift, it is possible to tighten skin and give your legs a smoother, shapelier contour.


You may exercise and this will help with muscle definition but only a Thigh Lift will make your Skin Tight.

A Thailand Thigh lift procedure is used to shape and sculpt the inner and outer thighs / remove excess skin found on the inner face of the thighs, hip or buttocks areas. This type of operation is required after large weight loss or simply as we age, the skin of the upper leg sags and loses tone as a result of a normal aging process.

A Thailand Thigh lift is a surgical procedure done under general anaesthesia. Incisions can be placed in the natural crease between the thigh and pubic area. In patients with massive weight loss, a vertical incision down the inside part of the thigh may be required. In such cases Drains may be used.

The surgery’s aim is to reduce the subcutaneous fat tissue and the excess skin to obtain a firm and round limb. Leg liposuction is often used as part of this surgery. This procedure is also known as “cruroplasty” for the thighs (and “brachioplasty” for the arms). Liposuction should provide you with smoother skin and with less lumpiness underneath the skin and better proportioned contours of the thighs.

You may also desire this procedure if your skin in the thigh area is saggy, has an orange peel, flabby and/or dimpled appearance. This type of surgery may also be recommended if your thigh appearance improves dramatically when you lift the lax skin. The procedure is intended to produce tighter, more attractive thigh and buttock skin with improved contours and decrease irregularities in skin surface.

afterthin_03     beforethighn


There are various techniques for reshaping and remodelling the thighs and legs. For patients with localised fatty deposits then liposuction is the technique that produces the best results.

Most surgical techniques focus on excision of excess skin and tightening what remains. Scars may be hidden, but may also be visible.

For patients with very thin legs who want better-proportioned legs, augmentation is possible either using the fat transfer technique or by inserting silicone implants. A thigh lift will elevate and remove lax excess skin and fat of the anterior and medial thigh.

A Thigh Lift Cost in Thailand

Thigh Lift (Medial) 4-5 hour operation in a Tier 1 Thai Hospital
Thigh Lift (Lateral) 4-5 hour operation in a Tier 1 Thai Hospital
Cost Australia Medial Lift $15 - $20,000
Cost Thailand Medial Lift $4 -5000 approx (guide only)
Cost Australia Lateral Lift $15 - $20,000
Cost Thailand Lateral Lift $4 -5000 approx (guide only)
Recuperation 10 - 14 days after surgery in the town of surgery
Hospital Stay After the operation you will have to stay in hospital for 2 -3 days.

After Your Thailand Surgery

Usually you are required to wear a compression garment (similar to an elastic support girdle) at the end of surgery to reduce swelling and assist in the natural shrinking and tightening of the skin. With smaller thigh lifts, discomfort is usually easily controlled with prescribed pain medication.

With larger thigh lifts, one or two or three nights in hospital may be required. Bruising and swelling usually subsides within a month, strenuous activities should be avoided for at least 6 weeks and almost all symptoms are gone in 4-6 months.

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Long hours in the gym and a healthy diet can't always eliminate problems and cannot always provide you with what you want.

Body lift surgery is an extremely effective plastic surgery procedure for patients with excess skin resulting from weight loss. Depending on the location of the excess skin, patients may choose to undergo either an upper, mid, or lower body lifts in Thailand. For patients with significant amounts of excess skin through the midsection, lower body, and extremities, a combination of these techniques called full or total body lift

A body lift in Thailand is Cosmetic Surgery procedure to correct excess loose and sagging skin. A body Lift involves a more extensive version of the Thailand tummy tuck procedure, designed to remove excess skin and reshape your entire torso for a slimmer, more toned look from the upper thighs to the top of the belly.

Surgical body lifting improves the shape and tone of the underlying tissue that supports fat and skin.

Thailand Body lift procedures can include abdominoplasty, thigh lift, brachioplasty (arm lift), and breast lift surgery.


A complete lower body lift in Thailand treats the buttocks loose skin, abdomen, waist, hips and thighs in one procedure. A circumferential incision removes an apron of excess skin and fat and repositions and tightens tissues.

It utilizes an incision which pass from the back around the hips to the front of the thighs. The loose skin, as well as underlying fat tissue, is removed from below the incision to allow suspension of the remaining tissues to stretch and smooth the lower body, especially the buttocks and thighs.

The surgery begins in the back and requires repositioning during the surgery to address the hips and outer thighs and front of the thighs. It can be combined with an abdominal skin tightening if needed. The cut will be made in a way so as any scar line will normally be hidden by clothes Full healing of the circumferential incisions may take four weeks or even longer. This does not mean you need to stay in Thailand for four weeks.

Patients that benefit from lower body lift surgery have:

  • Loose skin in their buttocks
  • Loose skin in their thighs
  • Loose skin in their hips
  • Loose abdominal skin
  • Patients who have had massive weight loss
tummy tuckthigh liftarm lift breast lift

We can help you with your 'butt' ! !

“I  knew that I was unhappy. And you know, I did something for myself, something that made me happy. helped me so much and now I feel & look great”
Dianna ,Queensland 2006

Unfortunately some people have flat or shapeless or uneven bottoms. We can arrange a fuller, firmer and more rounded appearance that you simply cannot achieve thru diet or exercise.

After this surgery not only will you look better but you will have improved self-confidence. We have arranged buttock operations for many, may patients all of whom have been absolutely delighted so we think we can help you too.

A Thailand Buttock augmentation is a body contouring technique with a goal that is usually for a higher, rounder and tighter buttocks. This procedure may also lessen the appearance of buttock dimples.

Thailand Buttock augmentation is a surgical and liposculpting procedure for the correction of the shape of the gluteal region for the aesthetic enhancement of the contour of the buttocks by either augmentation or reduction.

Thailand Buttock augmentation can involve surgical implant of a gluteal implant. Generally by making a single, small incision in each buttock and inserting a virtually undetectable butt implants can help you attain an attractive amount of fullness to the buttocks.

A Buttock implant

2 – 3 hour operation in a Tier 1 Thai Hospital

Cost Australia $16- $20,000 approx
Cost Thailand $5- $6,000 approx
Recuperation 10 - 14 days after surgery.
Hosptial Stay After the operation you will have to stay in hospital for 2 -3 days & you will have to lie on your stomach. Generally it is not so good to lie on your back for a week.

Strenuous activity or extended activity should be avoided until at least 4 to 6 weeks have passed. It is important that your incisions are not subjected to excessive force, abrasion, or motion during this time.

Belt-Lipectomy     Belt-Lipectomy_2
** PLEASE NOTE - the 'after images' were taken shortly after surgery which makes scar line very obvious. The scar line reduces dramatically over the year after surgery. **

Thailand Belt Lipectomy, Thailand Circumferential Abdominoplasty,Thailand Body Lifts

A Thailand circumferential abdominoplasty is also known as a Thailand belt lipectomy operation and some times known as a Thai body lift. A Thailand tummy tuck is a different procedure from a Thailand belt lipectomy operation.

A tummy tuck is effective surgery to treat loose, hanging abdominal tissue in patients whose excess fat is mostly in the front and somewhat to the sides of their abdomen. Many patients, however, have significant amounts of loose tissue that extends completely around their waist and lower body. This cannot be corrected with a tummy tuck, even with liposuction of the hips and waist. In this case, a procedure call belt lipectomy is a more appropriate choice.

Belt Lipectomy is far more extensive than a tummy tuck. It is an operation to remove the excess skin, fat and tissue around your hips and waistline and back. The width of the “belt” of tissue to be removed depends upon the amount of extra skin and fat you have.

The area of skin and tissue removed can be as wide as 25cm / ten inches. A belt lipectomy provides dramatic and substantial improvement to your body shape. This procedure tightens the fascia and muscle of the abdominal wall giving your body a toned, sculpted look. A circumferential tummy tuck can be combined with other cosmetic procedures such as an arm lift, body contouring, or umbilicoplasty. A body lift can also improves a sagging mid-body caused by multiple pregnancies.

Please go to our tummy tuck page to read further information