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Is Thailand Surgery Safe?

Any surgery in any hospital in any country has its inherent safety risks hence it is a case of minimising the chance of an issue and this is done by only using one
of the Tier 1 hospitals and leading surgeons.
The poor outcome cases reported on TV and in the Press are usually cases where a patient goes to a small clinic or one of the lesser standard hospitals.
Only choose the best hospitals as they employ the best surgeons probably similar to home!
Such hospitals can provide exactly the same outcome as you would expect at home.


Can I have Dental Surgery prior to Surgery?

Surgeons will want to ensure there is no major swelling or infections as a result of earlier major dental work eg: a root canal. Your surgeon will want to check to ensure you have a normal pre- op white blood cell count prior to surgery.

More conservative surgeons suggest that you wait 4 – 6 week after major dental surgery, before having plastic surgery – ie: waiting ensures there is less likelihood of any problem. Some surgeons however accept two weeks post dental work should be fine.
You should advise your plastic surgeon of any proposed dental procedure close to plastic surgery.
Your plastic surgeons may prescribe prophylactic antibiotics for the time around your plastic surgery.

It is very common for patients to have dental surgery during their recuperation time after plastic surgery

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