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Sclerotherapy in Thailand: Vein Treatment in Thailand

before and after vein surgery

Pre Treatment                                 3 months Post Treatment



So many people are affected by Spider Veins. Swollen blood vessels on the hands or legs.
The cause of the problem is that the bloof in your Veins is not able to satisfactorily flow through . Varicose veins &  spider veins are both caused because of this issue.

As you may be aware there can be quite some discomfort with this condition and  if you have such a problem treatment is recommend to correct the problem.


Typical Vein Treatment in Thailand

Sclerotherap is most common procedure for both spider veins (superficial telangiectasias) & varicose veins and the good news is that it is a procedure that can usually be completed in under one hour.

As a result of treatment spider & varicose veins obtain improved circulation and begin to fade.

On some occassions sclerotherapy may also be conducted with  laser vein removal.

Qswitched ND Yag Laser

For  veins not protruding or smaller veins  your doctor may used a Qswitched ND Yag Laser as well as the aformentioned  Sclerotherapy procedure.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

This is hard to answer.
Definitely veins reduce in appearance after each treatment.
Really the answer is that the number of treatments depends of the condition of the blood in your veins.
Frequently veins are improved with one treatment, but in some case more than one treatment is required in order to achieve the best outcome.

Will my Sclerotherapy in Thailand be successful?

This particular treatment has been used for many, many years and continues to be THE treatment for spider veins despite the many laser options now avaiable.

After a few treatments, most patients should obtain a 50-90% improvement in their veins.

Recovery time

Gernally the treatment does not stop you a lot however you will not want to display your legs for a couple of weeks.
If you require a second treatment you should wait one month .

As a result of the treatment you are likely to obtain some bruising  - this tends to fade reasonably quickly.
The treated veins will begin to fade in a few weeks

It is very  important to wear compression garmet as recommended by your doctor. We recommend that you wear compression hose indefinitely on long plane or vehicle journeys.



before and after vein surgery

VERY Large veins

Large varicose veins may require vein removal surgery (surgery under anaesthesia with hospitalization).

Such surgery will vary in cost dependent of the amount of surgery time required . It can be as much as $A5,000+ -   please do not take this as a definitive price.

Please speak to us today about your requirments.