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The team at Plastic Surgery Thai were the best. I had never been overseas before and was so scared, but they took all the worries away, I got the best surgeon and now my tummy looks beautiful đŸ™‚ I saw so many companies on the internet and the difference with them is that they really cared and had local knowledge which provided so much comfort. Use them they are great ! All the best - Paul - Melbourne Australia
Paul E Davids
Everything was arranged here and Australia motel accommodation, appointments, how to find your way around. So much easier with it all planed for you, fantastic breakfast and nice friendly staff. Dentist was excellent we had crowns ,root canal, couldn't ask for better staff looking after us.
Janette Gooden
You did such a service connecting us with surgeons. I know Sharon has already sent a message, but I wanted to add my two cents. I am so pleased with what he has done for me. Not only is he supremely nice and gentle, he's also clearly an artist. Sharon is going to be a new woman when he's finished and that is certainly going to rejuvenate our relationship. A super bonus, as we already love one another dearly

Hello And Welcome to Plastic Surgery Thailand

We are thrilled you decided to visit us and find out about Plastic Surgery and Dental Surgery in Thailand – Phuket and Bangkok. If you are looking for a company you can rely upon, a company that really understands that surgery is a huge step, let alone surgery overseas, then you have found the right company – Plastic Surgery Thailand

Are you looking for guidance from a RELIABLE AUSTRALIAN company, located in Thailand, that has assisted hundreds of patients that were thrilled with their outcomes? Over the last  20 years we have  gained local knowledge about  Thailand hospitals and surgeons. Our unique knowledge will produce a better Medical Tour experience for you.

Choose The Right Procedure For You

Face and Neck Lift

Plastic Surgery Thailand Face and Neck Lift Surgery is designed to correct patient jowling and sagging of the face and neck to make surgery areas more youthful.

Tummy Tuck

Plastic Surgery Thailand Offers Full Tummy Tuck Targeting Both Below and Above the Belly Button Mini Tummy Tuck Targeting the Area below the Belly Button.

Breast Lift

Plastic Surgery Thailand Breast Lift Surgery does not Aim to Change the Size of your Breasts but Aims to Provide a More Youthful & Attractive Shape to your Breasts.

Mummy Makeovers

Plastic Surgery Thailand Mummy Makeover Surgeries are Arranged According to your Needs and can be any or all of Breast Surgery, Liposuction and Tummy Tuck or more.


Rhinoplasty procedure can be done as a single procedure or in combination with other surgeries such as a chin augmentation for a more balanced facial feature.

Breast Implant

Plastic Surgery Thailand provide amazing breast augmentation surgery in Thailand. Breast Augmentation is the process of enhancement or enlargement of Breasts.

Dental Surgery

Plastic Surgery Thailand Dental Implants is Made from Titanium and Implanted in your Jaw Bone Refer Below so as to Act Like the Root of your New Tooth.

Hair Surgery

Hair transplantation surgery is one of the least intrusive Thailand surgeries. Hair transplantation does not require hospitalisation and is usually a partial day procedure.

Eye Surgery

Eye care and treatment, in Thailand, can cater for any procedure available at home. From general problems to treatments that require the expertise of specialists.

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