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Breast Lift in Thailand

Are you happy with the size of your breasts but they are not quite what they used to look like? Saggy or Droopy Breasts?

The GOOD NEWS is… We Can Help You!!!

Pregnancy can cause your breast to grow and swell, stretching the skin, but when your breasts return to normal size and after the conclusion of breast feeding the excess skin left behind can lead to a droopy breast. Weight loss or normal aging can do the same thing.

Basically a sagging breast is one in which there is too much skin and not enough breast. A Beast Lift is a great option for women wanting firm breasts and support.

Breast Lift in Thailand

Beast Lift Surgery, Mastopexy
and Breast Uplift in Thailand

Unlike Thailand reduction surgery, Thailand breast uplift does not aim to change the size of the breasts, but to restore a more youthful and attractive shape to the breasts. This is done by removing sections of redundant skin and reshaping the breast tissue. Some stretch marks may be removed, but most will remain. A breast lift will raise and reshape your breasts that due to time and also due to your pregnancy have lost their shape. Your surgeon will reduce the excessive skin and also add volume and frequenty both.

The Best Candidates for Breast Lift

The ideal breast lift candidates for a Breast lift in Thailand is in good health, does not smoke, has a stable weight and has a realistic expectations of the surgery. Candidates should not be pregnant or nursing, or plan to become pregnant, as this can reverse the effects of breast lift surgery.

Breast Lift Cost?

Breast lift surgery cost in Australia varies so much from Australian plastic surgeon to Australian plastic surgeron however around $13,000 – $15,000 is not unusual whereas Breast Lift Cost in Thailand is about $4000- $4500. Even with cost of airfares and hotels, etc your Breast Lift Surgery Cost in Thailand can be a huge saving on what it costs at home!!

How long Does a Breast Lift last?

Breast lift surgery is very good at making the breasts firmer and many women find that they no longer need to wear a bra to feel comfortable and look good in their clothes. Unfortunately gravity is always present as are the effects of pregnancy however the operation is considered a permanent solution.

The breasts will continue to respond to your body’s physiological changes, as they did prior to the surgery. Definitely your breasts will be more youthful and fuller than they would have been without a breast lift.

And Should I have a Breast Implant?

Many women are acutally happy with the size of their breast and these women opt for a breast lift only whereas some other women are unhappy with the size and volume. In such cases we very frequently see the combination of a lift with a breast implant resulting in firmer and larger breasts.

What Happens Before Surgery

A breast lift can be performed at any age, but plastic surgeons usually recommend waiting until breast development has stopped. Prior to surgery, a complete medical history is taken in order to evaluate your health. A thorough examination of the breasts is also made to determine the most effective surgical approach. Mammograms as well as photographs may be taken before surgery.

Prior to surgery it is usually necessary to stop using certain medications including aspirin in order to minimize the possibility of excessive bleeding. Birth control and other estrogen containing hormones may also need to be discontinued for a short period. Antibiotics are often prescribed prior to surgery to prevent infection.

Women who anticipate breast-feeding after surgery should discuss this with the physician as the ability to breast-feed after mastopexy can vary from patient to patient.

What happens during Breast Lift Surgery in Thailand

Breast Lift Surgery in Bangkok or Breast Lift Surgery in Phuket is conducted in the same way as Breast Lift Surgery in Australia (except the Breast Lift Prices in Thailand are significantly less !) Your surgeon will place precise drawings on you body prior to your surgery.

The surgery approach and the technique used for your particular operation wil be dependent on the amount of your breast sagg, location of your areola and of course the quality of your skin however usually your surgeon will conduct a procedure called “limited scar” method.

One of the most common methods for a Lift involves first making an incision around the areola (the dark skin surrounding the nipple) and then an incision down the breast from the areola, and the last incision is horizontal beneath the breast and follows its natural curve in both directions.

Anchor incisions are for the area where your skin is to be removed and for nipple relocation. The amount of lift will naturally determine how long your incision is to be.

This allows your surgeon to bring skin, formerly above or adjacent to the areola , down which removes excessive skin and in turn this tightens breast tissues and thus resulting in lifted and firm breasts.

After removal of excessive breast skin, the nipple and areola can be moved to a higher position. If necessary the areola can be reduced in size. The whole procedure can last 2- 3 hours.

A modified procedure can be done on patients who have minimal sagging. This involves the removal of skin form the areola and surrounding areas. With realistuc expectation women wil be very satisfied.

How Will I feel after Surgery

You will probably have a small amount of discomfort for a couple of days but don’t worry too much about this as you can be prescribed pain medications ( not aspirin for at least two 2 weeks due to risk of bleeding) The level of discomfort, like most things, varies from woman to women however after a few days all should be ok.

You will immediately be happy with the new appearance however your breasts will appear tight and unnatural. This is quite normal and things quickly settle down into your new good looking shape.


After a few days, the discomfort will subside – the recovery time varies from person to person

  • Patients most commonly require a hospital stay of 1-2 nights.
  • You should gradually increase mobility and activity aim to be back to normal in two weeks.
  • Recommended recuperation time in Thailand varies from surgeon to surgeon however as a guide we suggest 10 days minimum AFTER SURGERY
  • It is expected that your recuperation period is in the same city as where you had your operation.
  • Showers and shallow baths are possible, however it is important to keep your tapes dry.
  • If you are a smoker your healing may be delayed. Likewise drinking alcohol to excess after surgery could increase your risk of bruising and bleeding.
  • In a very few  cases it is necessary to place a  a small tube under your skin in order to drain excess fluid or blood.
  • Your recuperation will naturally be depend on your helath and age and the size reduction required.

If you are considering a breast lift we would like to discuss your aims and in turn we can put together a considered plan inclusive of costs. Please contact us today to arrange a consultation and to also obtain a price estimate