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Buttock Implants in Thailand, Buttock Augmentation in Thailand, Gluteoplasty in Thailand

We can help you with your 'butt' ! !

“I  knew that I was unhappy. And you know, I did something for myself, something that made me happy. helped me so much and now I feel & look great”

Dianna ,Queensland 2006

Unfortunately some people have flat or shapeless or uneven bottoms. We can arrange a fuller, firmer and more rounded appearance that you simply cannot achieve thru diet or exercise.

After this surgery not only will you look better but you will have improved self-confidence. We have arranged buttock operations for many, may patients all of whom have been absolutely delighted so we think we can help you too.

A Thailand Buttock augmentation is a body contouring technique with a goal that is usually for a higher, rounder and tighter buttocks. This procedure may also lessen the appearance of buttock dimples.

Thailand Buttock augmentation is a surgical and liposculpting procedure for the correction of the shape of the gluteal region for the aesthetic enhancement of the contour of the buttocks by either augmentation or reduction.

Thailand Buttock augmentation can involve surgical implant of a gluteal implant. Generally by making a single, small incision in each buttock and inserting a virtually undetectable butt implants can help you attain an attractive amount of fullness to the buttocks.

A Buttock implant

2 – 3 hour operation in a Tier 1 Thai Hospital

Cost Australia $16- $20,000 approx
Cost Thailand $5- $6,000 approx
Recuperation 10 - 14 days after surgery.
Hosptial Stay After the operation you will have to stay in hospital for 2 -3 days & you will have to lie on your stomach. Generally it is not so good to lie on your back for a week.

Strenuous activity or extended activity should be avoided until at least 4 to 6 weeks have passed. It is important that your incisions are not subjected to excessive force, abrasion, or motion during this time.