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Covering Your Tooth To Restore Its Shape And Size !!

Thailand Dental Crowns are thicker than dental veneers. In order to use a crown your dentist will reduce the tooth size and shape it to a tapered nub. The dentist’s aim is that when your crown is cemented on it becomes the new outer surface of your existing tooth and looks completely natural.

In doing this procedure the dentist can also select the colour of the crown ie: to match existing teeth. Crowns are very strong and durable. They are used when you need to create a significant shape change for a tooth and also when it is necessary to construct broken teeth and also teeth that need to be strengthened or teeth require strengthening because of decay.

They make an excellent choice in areas of your teeth where there is heavy chewing or biting forces and are often used for patients that grind teeth (bruxism) and clench teeth.

A Crown - as you can see from the above image, encases your entire tooth.

Once a crown is used on your tooth you will always require one. Prior to Crown Treatment Gingivoplasty is often recommended prior to multiple crown procedure, for the upper front teeth, to make the gums even. Gingivoplasty for multiple crowns and bridges takes at least 3 weeks to complete. ie: prior to coming to Thailand for crowns it if often advisable to have gum work completed.

If you provide us with dental images we will be able to speak to your surgeon and ascertain if you require Gum Treatment .