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Dental Implants Thailand

The loss of teeth is a very dramatic event. It can lead to a reduction in the quality of your life – disappearance of a smile or will stop you enjoying a tasty meal.
Dental Implants simply improve the quality of your life – without damaging adjacent teeth.Dental implants in Thailand are an alternative to dental dentures or bridgework for replacing teeth.

A dental implant is made from titanium and is surgically implanted in your jaw bone so as to act like the root of your missing tooth.

Usually, there is less discomfort or post-operative pain.

Tooth Replacement

Unlike dental bridges and dentures, dental implants more closely mimic natural teeth in appearance, feel and function.

Unlike, for example, a conventional three-unit dental bridge used to replace a single tooth, the healthy adjacent teeth do not have to be modified to support the bridge.

An Implant is placed in bone and covered with a protective cap whilst healing.Depending on the amount of bone, your dentist may need to complete an additional procedure to build up the bone.

One Visit Dental Implants

I’m afraid we don’t recommend 1 visit implants (immediate loading) because of the poor prognosis (poor success rate). This is the case whether the implant procedure is done in Thailand, Australia or anywhere in the world.

We always practice at least 2 visit implants with a 4 months interval between initial visit and final visit. Allowing time between visits so that the implant and the bone will adapt properly and that it can withstand pressure during function.

For some patients a return visit to Thailand for the balance of their surgery may not be practical. It is therefore not uncommon for patients to have the initial work completed in Thailand and the balance of the implant work concluded at home – 4 months later. At least this way you are still have a singnifcant cost saving on most of the work.