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Need Dental work ?

Are you wanting to obtain a beautiful natural smile and at an affordable price? Thailand can provide you with amazing looking teeth and for about one third of the price you would have to pay at home.

Correct any teeth issue that can be corrected at home – uneven teeth, stained and discoloured teeth, wisdom tooth removal, crowns and veneers – any requirments.

We organise dental surgery packages, with leading Thai dentists and with the latest equipment and of course only with certified cosmetic dentists specialist.

Our Dental Packages can include:

  • Dental implant No more gaps. We can arrange implants to fill the gap or remove a bad tooth and replace it with an implant or maybe an implant and bridge.
  • Tooth colour fillingsTired  of seeing old  ugly amalgam fillings? Now our dentists can remove old fillings and replace them with white / composite fillings. The new white fillings are more durable than the old fashion amalgam fillings hence there is less likleihood of recurrent decay.
  • Gum lift procedureGum surgery that will reshape your gums and provide a significantly improved look.
  • Porcelain veneersVeneers are a quick easy soltion for the protection of existing teeth. Veneers can cover old and damaged/chipped teeth and can result in the pefect smile.
  • Full crownCrowns will fully encase awful looking teeth leaving you with strong, correctly sized natural looking tooth
  • Teeth whiteningWe can arrange affordable treatment that will remove stains and leave you with natural sparkling  teeth.
  • Endodontics / Root Canals –  A root canal is an treatment for the removal of infected pulp that exists within your tooth and replacment with inert material.
  • Fixed bridges – easily replace missing teeth with quality dental bridges.
  • Aesthetic dentures – ‘false teeth’.