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Ear Surgery in Thailand


Ear Pinning Surgery involves the correction of protruding ears  – in fact on odd occassins the correction of one ear only.
Usually protruding ear patients have a lack of a proper bend in the ear cartilage and as a consequence ear protrude

Ear pinning surgery,Otoplasty or Pinnaplasty (pinning back the ears),

is surgery to change or remodel the cartilage in order to create the missing folds and in turn move your ears closer to your head.

Otoplasty helps reduce the the look or size of large ears by pinning them  them back closer to the head.

Ear splinting

is a procedure  for babies and the procedure involves resetting the soft cartilage of the baby and in turn splinting the ear into a new position.

Otoplasty Surgery in Thailand

Your surgeon will makean incision in the least conspicuous area and on the back of the ear. This will enable the surgeon to precisely sculpt your ear cartilage or fold the cartilage back on itself  and in turn  bend the ear back towards your head. Your Thai Ear Surgeon will then closed the incision which in turn has created a new ear loction. Stiches can be dissolving type but in some case the surgeon may need to use non-removable stitches as these may better hold ‘everything’ in place. The non dissolvable stiches are qickly removed by the surgeon a number of days after your operation.

Whilst we mentioned we have had cases of patients only needing correction to one ear it is usally the case that the surgeon will operate on two ears so as he can ensure a good match.

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