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Face & Neck Lift in Thailand

Unfortunately we start to age once we hit 30 ! Yes that young.
As you age your face will show more creases, begin to sag and generally start to ‘hang’ however surgery can dramaticaly assist you and take make, many years off how old you currently look.

Face Lift Thailand (Thailand Rhytidectomy) & Neck lift Surgery in Thailand

A facelift is typically surgery for men and women over the age of 40 and well into their late 40’s, 50’s and 60’s (we even had one lady that was nearly  80 having face surgery)

Typically women require face lift and necklift surgery and men usually require facelift surgery only.

Why You Need Surgery?

As we age we start to loose fat and muscles which causes your cheeks to start to fold inwards and your eyelid skin starts to become loose and hang and for some their forehead starts to hang and result in creases. For some ther upper lips becomes longer too.

How Facelifts Work: Basic Procedure

Obvioulsy surgery needs will vary for each patients with some patients requiring
(i)  treatment for upper facial area = forehead lift –  sometimes referred to as  upper facelift surgery
(ii)  others may require lower face or mid facelift surgery
(iii)  and some will require full face lifts  middle and lower face surgery        

Care After Surgery:

Facial surgery is quite major surgery hence you require as much help as possible for the first week following surgery.
Your face will be puffy, swollen and bruised but this usually disippate in about  2 weeks.

Operations Frequently Combined with Face and Neck Lift:

A facelift does not correct eyelids and if eyelid/s require treatment then this is an additional produre called blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)
For eyelid surgery – Typically men will benefit from upper and lower eyelid surgery and women from upper eyelid surgery however this is not a fixed rule and will be dependnet on patient’s needs.

A forehead lift is also often combined with a face lift

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