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THE GOOD NEWS is that Thailand Liposuction can IMMEDIATELY provide significantly improved results.

You can lose Inches /Cms’s in one vist.

There are a number of reasons for large accumulation of FAT CELLS on Arms, Face , Thighs, Tummy, Hips, etc. You may unfortunately be one of those people that simply has a genetic predisposition to Fat accumulation or the negative so called ‘Yo Yo EFFECT’ after a terminated diet but

Thailand Liposuction (Thailand Lipoplasty, Thailand Suction Lipectomy) is a common Cosmetic Surgery Thailand that can help to optimize the shape of your body and its proportions, remove saddlebags, remove an over hanging abdomen, double chin and similar problems.

Did you know ….

there is more than one type of Liposuction IN THAILAND? – Vaser Liposuction, Cool Liposuction, Tradtional Liposuction

Traditional suction-assisted liposuction in Thailand (SAL)

a cannula is connected to a suction pump and inserted into the fat through small incisions in the skin. Fat is removed as the suction creates tiny tunnels through the fatty layers which collapse after the surgery and improve the body’s contour.

Vaser Liposuction in Thailand

VaserLipo, otherwise known as Liposelection,(UAL) -Vaser is an ultrasonic liposuction technology – sound waves shake and selectively break up the walls of fat cells but not of nerves or blood vessels. The ultrasound wave emulsify fat and tighten skin..

This is a reliable technique for addressing fat deposits in areas like the male breast or the back, fibrous areas that can be difficult to treat. It can be slighty more costly because of longer time in the operating room.

Cool Liposuction in Thailand

(laser-assisted lipolysis) is a new, minimally invasive technology A laser liposuction device marketed as a more targeted means (vs. liposuction surgery) to reduce pockets of body fat. In this laser-assisted technique the laser beam breaks up and removes fat cells in areas such as under the neck, jowls, chin, thighs, abdominal and love handle or areas with loose skin such as the arms.

How Does Thailand Liposuction Work?

The surgeon makes small (less that ½ inch = 1.5cm ) discreet incisions in the areas to be treated. A cannula is pull in to the limited incision and attached to a machine named suction. The procedure may take more than a hour, depending on how many areas are getting involved. Recovery from liposuction is always easy.

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