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Neck Lift in Thailand

As we age loss of elasticity in your neck will unfortunately cause sagging and wrinkles – fat and skin ‘hanging’ and providing an undesirable appearance. If you have a ‘Turkey Neck ‘ then surgery  is required to improve the situation.

Neck Lift Thailand

Generally when we arrange a neck lift your surgeon will include fat liposuction as well as removing excess skin folds.

Neck lifts in Thailand will see your surgeon incising behind your ears and /or below your chin and removing excess skin.

Platsymaplasty is a procedure which repairs and corrects separated neck muscles and corrects  under the chin muscles. This procedure is completed via the same incision as the liposuction.

Mini-Necklift Thailand

A mini-necklift is the operation you may consider when there is ‘minimal’ neck aging. The prodedure involves under chine incision and sone times incisions around the ears.

Mini-necklifts are good for candidates who have a “turkey waddle” appearance to their neck.


Typically you will notice quite some improvement within a month however for full final results it can take up to 6 months.

After surgery such as a face lift and neck lift we continually are told by patients that they feel they look ten to fifteen years younger but more importantly they say they feel so so so much better in themselves which really is the most important condieration.

When should I have a Neck Lift?

Most of our patients are females although we still tend to have a lot of males Tpically women require neck lifts whereas men do not and we find the age range is generally between 30 and 70.

Thailand neck lifts are often arranged with a facelift or forehead lift or eyelid surgery.

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