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Which Thailand hospital?

There are literally hundreds of hospitals and surgeons in Thailand.

For our families and for our clients we will only use

  • A TIER 1 Hospital
  • A Hosptial with Excellent English
  • A Hospital that has JCI ACCREDITATION **
  • A hospital where there are NO reported poor outcomes and experiences
  • A large Hospital with all departments – emergency department etc

(NOT a clinic where in the case of an issue you are taken to a hospital) and we strongly recommend this is your consideration.

Medical Tourisim Australia has grown signfcantly over the years with many companys makng offers. If you want the same as Australian Plastic Surgery and in Thailand you should only use one of the TIER 1 Hospitals.

Thailand's Tier 1 Hospitals

The better Thai surgeons want to work in the better hospitals and the better hospitals want the better surgeons – Probably no different from home !

ie: the best surgeon at home will not be found in a little clinic or a secondary class hospital. The surgeon will command better facilities and conditions that are found in the best hospitals.

Bangkok’s Hosptials with the Best English

English ability and communication about your surgery needs is absolutely critical . Not all hospital provide excellent English but some hospitals do There is excellent English at

  • Samitivej Hospital
  • BNH Hospital
  • Bangkok Hospital , Bangkok

You will find that of the four hospitals listed in the independent article / summary below shows that three of our Tier 1 hospitals are noted

(After opening below link – please click on the article that appears and this will enlarge it so you can see it)

The Best English Speaking Hospitals in Bangkok

Joint Commission International (JCI) **

is an organisation that stands as a consistent beacon for patient safety and quality improvement in the global community. The mission of JCI is to continuously improve the safety and quality of care in the international community through the provision of education and advisory services and international accreditation and certification.

JCI, with a presence in more than 90 countries, works with Thai health care organizations to promote rigorous standards of care and provide solutions for achieving peak performance. JCI helps Thailand hospitals in three ways: accreditation, education, and advisory services.

JCI Accreditation is a hospital accreditation NOT surgeon’ abilities.

JCI accreditation should be your starting point and a MINIMUM requirement when considering your surgery but this is far far far from being your only consideration.