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Breast Implants and Lift

This patient had a Breast Lift and Silicone Gel Implants placed under the muscle

"The 'After Image' was taken shortly after surgery hence scar stands out The scaring will begin to fade over the next 12 month."

You may find it is in your best interest if you combine a breast lift and a breast augmentation in Thailand. This procedure can radically improve the look, feel and shape of your breasts that due to pregnancy, nursing, weight fluctuations and hormonal changes may have naturally deteriorated.

It is critical to realize that implant surgery alone WILL NOT correct the issue of sagging breasts and that breast surgery lift must be considered. In considering this procedure it is common to a breast implant for the best outcome.

Whilst combining a breast lift with implants in Thailand is very, very common it is a more complicated procedure but surgery our surgeons have successfully completed many times.

A Breast lift and implant operation takes about 4 – 6 hours followed by a couple of days in hospital and then 10 -14 days recuperation after surgery in (different surgeons suggest different recuperations recommendation periods). Recuperation should be in the same location as your surgery and during this period you will be required to go to hospital at least once for follow up consultation.

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