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A topic that was once was avoided due to embarrassment has finally lost its stigma. The procedure has become more popular in women of all ages.
We have definitely seen a dramatic increase in requests for this type of surgery over the last five years.

Typically we are seeing women traveling for Mummy Make Overs and other surgeries also requesting this procedure. Unlike most other cosmetic procedures, labiaplasty in Thailand is not noticeable to other people, but that doesn’t mean the positive effects for a woman are any less profound. In fact some women find immense physical and psychological benefits from this type of surgery.

The most common request for change is when the inner labia are larger than the outer labia and are hanging down below these. In some cases, this can be a functional problem. eg: intercourse, riding or biking.

Usually the reason to have surgery of the labia is that one is not comfortable with the appearance. Thailand Labiaplasty Surgery involves cosmetic surgical improvements to the labia major and labia minora. It helps women that complain about too large, irregular, or asymmetrical labia minora or labia majora either from their birth or as a result of childbirth or aging. Many women attain increased comfort, enhanced appearance, and improved self-esteem with cosmetic vaginal rejuvenation.

Types of Vaginal Rejuvenation in Thailand

Sometimes referred to as “aesthetic vaginal surgery” or “cosmetic vaginal surgery,” vaginal rejuvenation refers to a category of procedures performed to enhance a woman’s genitalia. Surgical procedures

Labiaplasty in Thailand – procedures to improve the appearance of the labia majora and minora, and improve some of the discomfort caused by elongated labia.

Labia reduction is normally carried out under general or local anaesthetic and involves about a 45 minutes operation removing the excess labia tissue and refashioning the labia to achieve a natural cosmetic appearance with minimal scarring and restoration of your confidence.

Vaginoplasty in Thailand – procedures to tighten the internal tissues and structures of the vagina