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Why Us? Plastic Surgery Thailand

we aren’t like all the others !

"I thought I understood but I really didn't know enough until it was all explained"

Every patient we speak to reads on the internet, looks at anonymous comments on forums, learns bits and pieces and ends up being confused about who to trust and where to go. Does that ring a bell ?

Are you searching for information about hospitals and surgeons that you can rely on?

Are you searching for an experienced company that will impartially guide and assist you with your important medical decisions ?

We are the first medical tour company & we have been located in Thailand since the year 2000 .
Our company is 100% Australian owned which means we really understand your needs.
We have helped hundreds and hundreds of patients, just like you, make successful decisions about their surgery in Thailand.
No matter what surgery you are considering we will be able to assist you with the best local knowledge about the Thai Surgery offerings.