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Breast Revisions in Thailand

4% - 10% of women have inverted nipples !

There are a number of reasons you may be considering a breast implant revision surgery.

  • What ‘Grades’ of Nipple Inversion are you and why should it matter?
  • Because hopefully you will be able to avoid surgery.

This woman previoulsy received a 250cc implants and went to 350cc implants and liposuction and a tummy tuck as part of her mummy makeover

Your current implants are too small

Everyone knows that breast implants that are too large always look a little fake, but most women don’t realize that implants that are too small can also look fake and unnatural!

This operation is often required because inexperienced or unqualified surgeons choose implants that were the wrong size. Properly sized breast implants should not only match the dimensions of the breast itself, but they should match the dimensions of your chest and rib cage. Implants that are too small can appear very flat and too far apart, which in turn can look just as unnatural as a huge implants.

This can be one of the easiest problems to fix and can be resolved in less than an hour. Exchanging implants for a larger, more natural, size is a fairly simple procedure with a minimal recovery period – usually you can go back to regular (passive though) activities within 48 hours – you will be amazed with the new results!

Depending on the situation at hand, the incision used for the original surgery can be used for the replacement procedure. Some minor adjustments to the pocket such as expanding its size are required if a larger new implant is to be replaced.

Your implants are too large

Unfortunately after having your implant operation you find out that what you chose is too large and so you decide to downsize. If you don’t have much sagging, downsizing your breast implants can be a relatively simple procedure – usually you can go back to regular (passive though) activities within 48 hours

If sagging is present, a breast lift as well as smaller implants or even with no implants at all may be considered. If you remove your implants you must remember it is difficult to recreate a natural-looking breast without an implant, – definitely smaller implant is usually far superior to the results rather then no implant at all.

The implants are too saggy

Excessive sagginess usually occurs after childbirth. Most women will lose a fair amount of their natural breast tissue after nursing which leads to a very flat appearing breast, a loss of cleavage. Replacing the implant with a different shape and size that replaces the lost breast tissue volume, and also performing a breast lift, can restore the cleavage line.

The results can be incredibly dramatic!

The implants are too far apart

Breast implants that are too far apart are unfortunately something we have seen far too often in Thailand and is caused by a poor and inexperienced surgeons– a doctor who has not received adequate training to measure the dimensions of the breast and chest and therefore placing the implants too far apart.

In Thailand we see many results from all over the world (including Australia). Thankfully we have never had such an occurrence ourselves (good surgeons – good results)

before and after breast Revision surgery This woman previously had 275cc breast implants. She found that her right breast was not correctly aligned -too high and was too firm. She changed 325cc mentor silicone implants

The implants are uneven

A large difference in the size, shape, or location of your breast implants is not something that you have to accept. The most common reason for revision surgery is that one implant is higher than the other but do not worry as we can assist you with correction.

Capsular contracture

If a contracture occurs the surgery is slightly more complicated but still quite feasible and a MUST DO SURGERY.

PIP Breast Implant Removal

We can remove your PIP breast implants If you are one of those unfortunate enough to have a PIP breast implants we can assist you with breast implant removal. If you are uncertain as to if you have a PIP implant then please urgently seek out a local plastic surgeon for consultation ASAP.

If you haven’t heard about the PIP breast implants scandal then please read on

  • The breast implant scandal was caused by the French company, Poly Implant Prosthese (PIP), that was responsible for manufacturing breast implants with industrial-grade silicone instead of medical silicone in an effort to cut costs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • PIP implants were distributed throughout Europe and South America hence we hope no Australians have used these implants.

If you are considering a Thailand breast revision we would like to discuss your aims and in turn we can put together a considered plan together inclusive of costs. Please contact us today to arrange a consultation and to also obtain a price estimate.