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Male Breast Reduction in Thailand

You do not have to hide under loose shirts and bulky clothing any longer

Our company takes pride in the assistance we have given men over the years. Our proudest moment was helping an Australian Army man with his problem and seeing him happily return to service. As you can imagine his condition was very embarrassing as it is for many males.

Breasts in males is called genycomastia, a Greek word meaning “breasts looking similar to women”. Gynecomastia surgery in Thailand /Male Breast Reduction in Thailand /Man boob surgery in Thailand is usually approached by using liposuction that removes unwanted localized deposits of fat cells from the body – sometimes surgery is required.

gynecomastia is primarily the result of exess fatty tissue, liposuction techniques alone may be used.

After liposuction you will achieve a flatter chest.

40-60% of men have breasts so if you are one of them we can hel you!!

Large breasts in men is often believed to be obesity, but there are other causes

  • excessive alcohol intake
  • use of certain drugs, particularly anabolic steroids
  • certain diseases, such as liver failure and cancer
  • congenital abnormality (a problem from birth)
  • dramatic weight loss, which can cause the skin to sag

The condition may be isolated to only one side or may involve both breasts. The ideal candidates for the operation are men with genycomastia for at least a year. The surgery is not recommended for overweight men who can`t loose weight using diet and exercise.

What happens with Male Breast Reductions Surgery?

Surgery to correct gynecomastia is technically called reduction mammaplasty. In the case of extra breast tissue the surgeon removes it through an invisible cut around the nipple or below the breast fold.

Sometimes extra fat also removed by use of liposuction through the cut already made. When there is extra skin needs to be removed, the procedure may leave bigger scars. The cuts, 5-7 millimeters long, and are made at the edges of the breast, from below and from the side. Sometimes a small cut is made around the nipple.

In extreme cases where there is large amounts of fat and tissue extracted, the extra skin needs to be removed, then a drainage tube is usually inserted to prevent fluid collection. Finally, incisions are closed and pressure bandages are placed.

What happens with Male Breast Reductions Surgery?

Medicare can often be used for this procedure. If you can claim under Medicare then you may consider having Gynaecomastia surgery locally rather than travelling to Thailand (although we would love to help you if Medicare cannot assist you)

Surgery Cost Guide


cost will depend on time required


1-2 hour operation

General Aneshesia

1 night in hospital

5- 7 days recuperation after surgery



Breast Surgery in Thailand

$2600 – $5200

$11,000 – $15,000

Fares, Hotels, etc

Approx $2000



Total Cost

$4,600 – $7,200

$11,000- $15,000

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