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Teeth Whitening in Thailand

Whitening toothpastes and mouth rinses may be able to remove some of the stains on your teeth but .......

only teeth whitening agents can remove the stubborn unsightly stains that cause your teeth to look discoloured.

Teeth whitening is one of the simplest and most effective ways of achieving a more attractive smile.

Let us help you with
                                          Plasma Cool Whitening
                                          Zoom whitening
                                          Custom Take Home Whitening Kits 
                                                                                                          and most importantly using one of the best dentists.

Teeth whitening in Thailand can be a highly effective way to lighten the shade of your teeth without removing any of the tooth’s surface.

As we age teeth become yellow and stained from food and drinks, such as tea and coffee.
Some teeth have a yellowish tinge whilst other teeth may appear slightly grey – very few are actually ‘white’.


Our dentists are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment. The entire procedure can be done in the most comfortable and painless way.

You will receive professional whitening for optimal teeth whitness and you can be rest assured of quality whitening.

There are basically 3 options


Quick Significant color change is the primary advantage of this procedure. Activated light color of Plasma Cool-light system and high-concentrate peroxide gel, are applied to your  teeth  after the gums have been protected with a paint-on rubber material.
Usually  the peroxide will remains on your  teeth for 20 minutes.

Those with very stubborn staining may be asked  to return for additional bleaching but this is not usuually they case. In some cases it may be best to continue with a home whitening system.


Usually 4 cycles of tooth whitening are performed for best results. A different gel is used compared to the procedure above.

TEETH WHITENING TRAYS in Thailand & Whitening GELS n Thailand

Your dentist will provide you with teeth whitening trays and gels that can be used  at home.

  • An impression is taken, sent to a laboratory for gum shields to be exactly constructed so it is a perfect fit for your mouth.
  • The gums shields are worn with a gel every night, at home, for 5-10 nights until the desired whiteness is achieved
  • If, after a few years, your teeth become stained/discoloured, the same appliances can be used to undertake further whitening


Brush with sensitivity toothpaste (such as Sensodyne) for at least 2 weeks before beginning whitening to reduce sensitivity during the procedure.

Request an estimate and you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is.